Log In to Checkpoint Learning

The Checkpoint Learning page lets you access many resources even before you log in to the system. You can:

To log into Checkpoint Learning:

  1. Go to https://checkpointlearning.thomsonreuters.com.

    The Checkpoint Learning page appears. (See above for what you can do on this page.)

  2. Locate the Checkpoint Learning Login section on the right side of the screen.
  3. Complete the following fields:

    Note: As an Independent Professional, you do not need to fill out the Organization ID field.

    Note:The email address must be unique. Should the email address already be used, either contact Customer Support at 1.800.431.9025 or email checkpointlearning.cpecustomerservice@thomsonreuters.com to locate the account or provide another email address.

  4. Click the Go button.

    Checkpoint Learning opens with the Homeroom page as the default.

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